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Seek aspiration, not inspiration

People with disabilities are often seen as “inspirational” or “courageous”; most of the time for doing pretty ordinary things.  We challenge companies to start seeing people with disabilities as “aspirational” rather than “inspirational”…capable of dreaming big and achieving success that is not measured by comparison.

Why we do…what we do

Inclusiveness is not a charitable endeavor and its about more than just legal compliance.   It’s about building a workforce ready to meet new challenges.  Organizations that actively eliminate barriers in their hiring process are able to recruit a more diverse applicant pool.  Organizations that understand the importance of selecting the right person for the right job have the edge on their competition.

With steady advancements in technology and changing attitudes, the world of accommodations and “charity” is being replaced with empowerment and inclusion.  Advocations is leading this evolutionary process by specializing in recruitment and placement in niche fields and professional industries.

When disability inclusion is not integrated with real-life goals for the organization, there is a risk that it becomes a meaningless “add-on.”  Advocations focuses on understanding your business so that we can help you integrate inclusiveness in a meaningful and sustainable way.

T-man has a sustained typing speed of 20,000+ keystrokes per hour

“T-Man is uniquely wired for process efficiency. This innate ability, coupled with his attention to detail and high standards for personal achievement make him unstoppable. When working in a group, I have seen him literally and figuratively run circles around his fellow teammates and this energy pushes everyone to perform at their best.”